Save up to 50% commission by only paying for what you actually need

By choosing what you're comfortable doing yourself, you can save thousands in commission.

Choose your Services and Calculate your Rebate

Check out how much you'll save in commission by only selecting the Realtor services you need. The more you take on yourself, the more you save.

Commission amounts below assume a 3% buyer-side commission split.

Commission Saved:

$11,250 (50%)

Services we include:

Free Housing Reports

We gather all the necessary data about your properties of choice, and formulate appropriate strategies to make the best offer possible

Private Tours

Didn't include private tours but you feel that open houses aren't enough? You can request a private showing at any time for a small fee.

Organize All Parties

We'll be in constant communication with all parties involved, ensuring everything is done in a timely manner.

Paperwork and Contracts

From disclosures, legal requirements and escrow documents to inspection and appraisal reports, contingencies and closing documents -- we've got all the paperwork covered.

Guidance and Education

Our experienced Realtors will provide you with all the information you need to keep informed, and provide strategic guidance geared toward your unique situation.

Offer Strategy and Negotiation

We put in all the research and legwork into making the perfect offer and negotiating on your behalf.

Get Started

Take on the fun parts of your home purchase and leave the rest to us.